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Frequently Asked Questions / Rules

1. Why should I get my site listed on

Because we will send you lots of traffic! The more traffic you can send us, the higher you will be ranked on our listing, and the more traffic you will be sent in return. All sites listed at are ranked by popularity, so it is easier for you to find the best sites first!

2. What kind of sites can get listed?
You can get your site listed if your site is a helpful tool for webmasters. Of course free graphics sites will be listed, other acceptable submissions include: free font sites, design tutorial sites, sites offering free scripts, web design directories, etc. If your site caters to webmasters, you should list it here!

3. Does it cost anything to get listed?
Of course not! Click Here to get your site listed - make sure you read the terms and conditions below first before you sign up.

4. How often are the stats updated?
We currently update the stats once every 30 minutes. The stats are reset once a day.

5. Why has my site dissappeared from the list?
This may happen if there is some difficulty getting through to the server that your site is on. This will also happen if you have not sent in any traffic since the last reset/update.

6. I have already signed up, why is my site not added to the list yet?
As long as you send at least one visitor to our site, your site will be added during the next update. If you do not send any traffic, your site will not be listed.

7. How does the list work exactly?
When you sign up, you will be given a specially coded URL. When you send visitors to this site, you will be using this URL, which tracks each unique visitor that you send to this site! The more traffic you can send, the better.

8. How do I link to
After you sign up you will be given a specially coded URL. You must use this URL to link to us in order for us to properly track your traffic. The URL will look like this:

You may use your special link as a text link: #100 Free Clip Art (or a description that you like)

or a button link (right-click on it to save):

Please make sure that you load the button link from your local server. Do not link directly to the image from our server. If you would like to try creating a button that you feel would get better results, feel free to do so.

Terms and Conditions

- We reserve the right to remove any site without warning
- The title/description/button that you use must be acceptable for viewing by a general audience.
- You must have a valid e-mail address
- As a member of this top ranking list, you understand that you will occasionally receive e-mails which deal with the directory listing
- No cheating to inflate your traffic, this includes: using blind or misleading links, no hidden frames, no banner exchanges, or redirecting traffic from other sources
- Pop up windows are acceptable. Pop up windows must have scroll bars enabled and be at least 600x400 in size.
- Your site name must be the official name of your website, not a description.

Here are examples of an UNACCEPTABLE title/name:
- 15,000 CLIPART Images - 100% FREE
- Totally Free Clipart! 10000+ Images
- BEST CLIPART - Absolutely 100% FREE

Here are examples of an ACCEPTABLE title/name:
- A1 Clip Art Archive - 100% Free
-'s Hottest Clip Art
- Absolutely FREE Clip Art - Hot!

- You may only send traffic from your site.
- No "links only" sites. Your site must have some real content if you want to get listed.

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